Stefan Duvivier, B.S. Biology, NASM-CPT

I am a fitness professional dedicated to unlocking people’s untapped potential.

Due to my relative athletic success in the last few years (3x All-American, NCAA High Jump Champion, second highest jump by a Canadian citizen during the 2018 indoor season, and 3rd best All-Time High Jump mark in DIII history), it is easy for many to see me as a natural athlete and attribute most of my success to talent. Although talent probably helped, I really started to excel when I began to gain a deeper understanding of my body.

As a lifelong athlete I've experienced my fair share of chronic pain, tightness, and injuries. These problems generally arose from performing repetitive, sport specific motions, along with imbalanced training (e.g. performing quad-dominant exercises while neglecting my posterior chain). My full potential was locked up in my restricted movement. Within the last few years I have sought to re-mediate my muscle imbalances and loosen up my body with the goal of becoming better at moving. By “better at moving” I mean making more natural, fluid movements, similar to how we move when we are young. Kids oftentimes display the most efficient movement patterns because they move how we were born to move, unhindered by years of misguided training. Choosing to focus on this idea of better movement, I not only alleviated my symptoms, but reached new heights in athletic performance. Once I was able to keep my body connected as a system rather than individual pieces, I busted through plateaus, reaching new levels of athleticism.

During my progression towards more efficient movement I consistently applied knowledge I gained my from my biology studies, along with hundreds of kinesiology journals and articles written by top influencers in the fitness industry, to my own regimen with great results. This gave rise to me being dubbed as the one everybody came to for fitness/training and general health advice.

At Tufts University, I exploited my athleticism, curiosity for human movement, and passion for helping others. I contributed on a basketball team that made NCAA Elite 8 and Sweet 16 appearances, and a track team that garnered several top 20 national finishes. My training skills were first put to the test (outside of giving advice and helping friends reach their fitness goals) when I became the preseason practice leader for the jump specific athletes (high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault) at Tufts during my senior year. In this position I was able to coach these athletes through workouts, giving them cues for proper technique, as well as, implementing some of my own methodology. These athletes went on to improve personal bests in their respective events and score points for the team at major meets. In the 2018 Conference Championship these jumpers (along with myself) scored a combined 13 more points than any other team's jumpers.

After graduating from college, I sought to direct all my efforts towards personal training and coaching; I became certified as a personal trainer through NASM. Currently, I am assisting Columbia University Track and Field’s Jumps Program, while training to win a spot on the Canadian National Team.